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August 8th. 2001.
I have added nice close-up picture of the new spines of the Opuntia polyacantha 'Carmin', I have set the size of the picture to 800 x 600 (87 KB), so you can use it as wall paper on your computer screen.  Just click at the small picture below and you get to see the big close-up photo:

The photo was taken with my new Pentax MZ-5, with Pentax 35-80 mm AF lens (set at 80 mm) + 6x close-up lens, 1/30 sec, F16, UV filter, the film is a Fuji Provia 100F (slide film).

July 16th. 2001.
I have got a question about identification of some Yucca sp. from South Central Utah. If you think that you may have an idea what species they might be please send me an email, I'm Sure that Randy would be very pleased to know what she have been observing.

July 7th. 2001.
I have added new pictures to my files, and made a major change of the directories, if you have received a error message, please try again later, this is only temporary while I was making the changes! If you find any errors after July 8th. please send me an email

July 2nd. 2001.
A new page with the most Frequently Asked Questions has been uploaded.
What can I do with my Yucca, it has grow too tall for my conservatory?
Which fertilizer is best for Yuccas?
What do I do when my Yucca has bloomed?
How do I make Yucca soap?
Should I remove the old dead leaves?
How do I get rid of Yuccas?
How do I reduce the size of my stem less Yucca?

June 3rd. 2001.
The English version of the plant list 2001 is finally uploaded!

May 19th. 2001.
I have added a new link at the page about Yucca pollination
it's to a page about Prodoxidae "The yucca moth family"
This site is the "Number 1 web site" about the Yucca Moth Family.
After reading the pages at this site, have I decided not to write any pages about this topic, as this site has it all!

April 15th. 2001.
Kenneth Fletcher has send me some pictures of a very interesting looking Yucca from  St. Mary's city Maryland. If you can help us identify this Yucca we would be happy. Take a look at this page: Yucca sp. from Maryland

I have got a new email address:

April 13th. 2001.
Read which of Tim Behan's Yucca seedlings that made it through the winter of 2000-2001 on this page: Tim Behan's testing of Yucca seedlings in the winter 2000 - 2001

January 20th. 2001.
I have added a new page that might help understanding the Yucca filamentosa & Yucca flaccida  complex: Take a look at Benny's "key" to the Yucca filamentosa & Yucca flaccida complex.

January 19th. 2001.
The Picture gallery  has been updated with 40-50 more photos of some of my many plants.

January 18th. 2001.
The Picture gallery  has been updated with more photos of some of my many plants.

My Cactus and Yucca friends gardens  has been updated with more friends gardens and photos of their plants.

January 2001.
There has been added new pages to the section: My Cactus and Yucca friends gardens .

January 2001.
Benny's Yucca Page page is now situated on the new domain: "" which is hosted by the "Cactus and succulent plant mall". With my new domain the server now hosts 40 cactus and succulent related domains. If your web site has a link to "Benny's Yucca page" please change it to the new URL:

Benny's hardy cactus page is also situated on the new domain which is hosted by the "Cactus and succulent plant mall". If your web site has a link to "Benny's Hardy Cactus page" please change it to the new URL:

In in the future you will be able to see a lot of changes which makes it easier for you to navigate my web site.

NEW Feature it's now possible to search on any word or phrase on

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