Yucca sp. from South Central Utah

Yucca sp "Randy #1".
Photo by Randy ©2001-2005

South Central Utah. 5,300 ft. (approx. 1,615 meters) elevation  (50 miles/ 30 km from the nearest paved road), approximately 1 mile from San Rafael River, UT. The bottle on the picture is 9" high. Randy didn't observe any of these little yuccas growing any closer to one another than this photo shows. The leaves were very rigid. As you can see on the picture the plants grows with Opuntia ssp. (probably Opuntia polyacantha var. erinacea) and Artemisia ssp.


Yucca sp. "Randy #2".
Photo by Randy ©2001-2005


South Central Utah. 5,100 ft. (approx. 1,555 meters) elevation, (Near Goblin Valley State Park and growing next 3 ft/1 meter from a paved road). They were slightly taller than those of "Randy #1" (by about 25-30%, at approx. 23-25 cm (9-10 inch)  tall and across), they grew in clusters of 6-12 (or more) together, from the base of the individual plants to the top of the seed stalks were about 75 cm (30 inch) at most, the seed pods were about 4 x larger than those of "Randy #1". Also, the terrain yesterday had much more soil; nearly all the specimens of "Randy #1" were growing in much rockier, generally harsher conditions.

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