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July 29th. 2006.
In 2003 did the in-vitro company Succulent Tissue Culture three different Yucca hybrids for test-propagation in in-vitro, they have now succeeded in propagating two of these, and they have been given the following names:
Yucca 'Karlson'  (this is a F:2 seedling of the very famous Yucca 'Karlsruhensis')
Yucca 'Albuquerque Mystery I' (Y. recurvifolia x ? (Y. glauca)).
In the end of May 2007 will there be small plants for sale of the plants!

June 5. th. 2006.
After this spring transplanting am I forced to reduce the size of my collection of plants. For most of the plants on this list it's a one time opportunity, if you want a particular plant it's now you will have to buy it Look here for the list of plants.

May 19th. 2006.
My wife Elena did at 19.39 give birth to our healthy little son, which at the time of birth were 51 cm long and did have a weight of 3010 gram. Now the next generation of plant interested Jensen's is secured ;-)!

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