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December 23th. 2007.
Because of illness (2 slipped spinal discs, and more) has there not been any updates on the website. 2008 will bring a lot of news to all the users of, mostly about the cultivation of Yucca. and I would gladly receive any suggestions about improvement of the website.
The plant list for 2008 will probably be the longest for years, as I will again be forced to reduce the size of my private collection, due to the illness mentioned above, and because I'm running out of space for my plants... Which plants there will be on the list, can you see on the plant list in the spring of 2008, but some of the plants are already on the list, so you can get a picture of what you might expect.

I wish all readers happy holidays and a happy new year, and may all have a good health, and your plants grow well.

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