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February 2002.
For months have I had severe computer problems and in January my old computer crashed, I was abel to save most of my files, but I lost a lot of e-mails and all my e-mail addresses, if you have tried to contact me in the period from late November 2002 to late February 2003 please send your e-mail to me again. My new computer is now up running (it's fast...), and I look forward to

November 28th. 2002.
I have updated my photo gallery with new pictures.

November 26th. 2002.
I have updated my photo gallery with new pictureand also uploaded five new galleries with Yucca species:

Yucca gallery # 1 (a -b)
Yucca gallery # 2 (c-f)
Yucca gallery # 3 (g-p)
Yucca gallery # 4 (r-s)
Yucca gallery # 5 (t-w)

November 2nd. 2002.
I have added some a new pages (there are now 200 pages on !)

Page about Ascleps and such (Danish text!)

Page about Apocynaceae and such (Danish text!)

Page about Cucurbitaceae and such (Danish text!)

Small photo gallery with pumpkin pictures (Danish text):

Small photo gallery with succulents in the plant family Cucurbitaceae (Danish text)

Small photo gallery with caudex plants

November 2nd. 2002.
I have added some a new pages:

Photos of some of my caudex-plants.

Photos of the plant-trip Pia and I had to Germany and Holland in September 2002.

Photos of some unidentified Cucurbits.

February 27th. 2002.
I have added a new page with photos that has be send to me by some of all the visitors of, so far there are only photos of Yuccas. You should also remember to visit my friends page here you will be able to see some of my friends gardens.

January 10th. 2002.
There  hasn't been much updating the last 6 months, I have had 2 major computer crashes, and many of my edited pages were lost. Now I have refreshed most of the pages and removed quite a few errors, missing links etc. I hope you will find the web site easier to use, if not please send me suggestions on what comes in mind. 2001 was the first year with my own domain and there has been MANY visitors (39680, with total of page views of 140714, and 607486 hits) since this domain opened on January 3rd 2001. You can see my statistics on this page.

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