Unidentified Cucurbitaceae

I bought is as Kedrostis punctulata! is it really this species, I think not! My first guess is that it's an Coccinia rehmannii but im not sure?
It's a male plant, I bought it in May 2002 from from Grethe Christensen, Gartneriet Klejsbro, Denmark.

Kedrostis punctulata
Tthe flowers are aporximately 2 cm long and cm wide from tip to tip.

The small squares are 1 x 1 mm!

Kedrostis sp. (maybe Kedrostis nana??), small yellow flowers, male plant.

Unidentified Cucurbit received as seeds with the name Melothria scabra but this species has small round red fruits! I think it's Apodanthera pringlei

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