Yucca confinis

Yucca confinis McKelvey Yuccas of the southwestern USA 1:49 (1938)

Yucca baccata sensu Mearns in U. S. Nat. Museum Bull. 56, pt.  I. 84-85, 1907. (Not Yucca baccata Torrey)

Type location:
Approximately 23 north east of Douglas on the road to Rodeo, at 1600 m altitude among Mesquite.

Is to be found in the desert in rocky hills and Mesas at 1200 to 1700 m. altitude
U.S.A.: Sonoaran Desert and Chihuahuan Desert: in Cochise Co., Pima Co., Santa Cruz Co. New Mexico in Hidalgo Co.
Mexico: Sonora State

Short description of the species:
Yucca confinis Acaulescent, or rarely with a short trunk. Leaves yellow-green (young leaves a little glaucous (slightly bluish-green)), straight or slightly twisting, 50 to 80 cm long, 2 to 2,5 cm wide, concavo-convex, with the leaf margin without fibers, but later the leaf margin is splitting up as fine curly fibers. Inflorescens paniculate, from 100 to 130 cm tall, scape short 30 to 45 cm, with around 15 branchlet which has a length of 5 to 18 cm, the flowers starts well below the leaves, and is only exceeding those with 1/2 of the length. Flowers white or cream, campanulate (bell shaped), 6,5 to 10 cm long. Fruit large 10 to 20 cm long, 3,5 to 5 cm wide, fleshy, indehiscent. Seeds dull black, thick, and wingless.

According to WEBBER and other authors is this species a hybrid of Yucca baccata and Yucca arizonica, In time when someone has made DNA studies of the genus Yucca, this thesis would be tested.

I haven't grown Yucca confinis yet, so the hardiness is non known. Please report if you are growing this species.

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Yucca confinis

I do unfortunately not have any pictures, if you have one that I may use please contact me.

My own plants:

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MCKELVEY, Yucca of the southwestern USA 1:49-50 (1938)
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