Yucca 'Floribunda'

Yucca x floribunda

Yucca x floribunda is one of Carl Sprenger's hybrid, (Yucca filamentosa xYucca gloriosa)

This Yucca is one of the few availiable plants of  Sprenger's more than 120 Yucca hybrids.

At the time of writing have I only grown Yucca 'Floribunda' for a short time (and I'm not really sure that I got the right one?), so I can't really say if it will survive a hard winter, but it's promising.

Other notes:
I believe that many of the plants distributed as Yucca gloriosa in Europe is actually this hybrid or one of the similar forms.

A beautiful blooming plant of Yucca 'Floribunda' in Mark van Zwet garden in The Netherlands. Mark's plant looks very much like Yucca gloriosa?
Photo from September 2003.
Copyright ©2003-2005 Mark van Zwet.

Yucca 'Floribunda' (BMJ #1554)
Photo from August 2003.
Copyright ©2003-2005 Benny Moeller Jensen

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