Yucca 'Floribunda' (BMJ #1554)

Yucca x floribunda is one of Carl Sprenger's hybrid, (Yucca filamentosa xYucca gloriosa)

Yucca 'Floribunda' (BMJ #1554)
Photo from August 2003.
Copyright ©2003-2005 Benny Moeller Jensen

Where did I get the plant from:
I did get the plant from my friend Patrik Flank in Sweden in 2001.

Short description of the plant:
This plant looks quite much like a narrow leafed form of Yucca gloriosa.

Plant:        Leaves: light green. Inflorescence: unknown Scape:  Flowers: Fruit Unknown Seeds not known.

Where do I grow the plant:
This plant is grown in a bed which is unprotected during the winter, but up against a free standing south facing wall.

At the time of writing have I only grown it for a short time, so I can't really say if it will survive a hard winter, but it's promising.

Other notes:
I believe that many of the plants distributed as Yucca gloriosa in Europe is actually this hybrid or one of the similar forms.

A beautiful blooming plant of Yucca xfloribunda in Mark van Zwet's garden in The Netherlands. Mark's plant looks very much like Yucca gloriosa?
Copyright ©2003-2005 Mark van Zwet.

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