Yucca filamentosa ? (BMJ #1578)

I have 3 plants of this clone, growing in different places in the garden.

#1578 Yucca filamentosa ?,
This plant is grown in a bed which is unprotected during the winter.

#1578 Yucca filamentosa ? hybrid ?
Photo from July 24th. 2003.
Copyright ©2003-2005 Benny Moeller Jensen

Where did I get the plant from:
I got the plant from, from A-Z non food supermarket in 2001.

Short description of the plant:
Plant: acaulescent with several large rosettes, forming short rhizomes. Leaves: dark gray green, rather stiff, 50 cm long, 3,5 cm wide around the middle, roughened surface in lines, slightly glaucous, with many rather thick curly fibers at the margin of the leaves. Inflorescence: pubescent, 110 cm high, paniculate with many branches. Scape: 85 cm starting from well above the leaves. Flowers: pendulous (bell shaped), white, tinged with cream or green, 5 to 7,5 cm across. Fruit not known
Seeds not know.

Where do I grow the plant:
I grow it in a raised well drained beds, but I will try it in "normal" garden soil, when I start to propagate it.

At the time of writing have I only grown it for a short time, so I can't really say if it will survive a hard winter, but it's promising, and a good bloomer which also is very important!

Other notes:
In the summer of 2003, I tried to pollinate the flowers with pollen from a Yucca flaccida:

#1578 Yucca filamentosa X #49 Yucca flaccida, 1 flower pollinated = 0 fruits, (1 aborted.)

I also used the pollen from this plant to pollinate the following:

#49 Yucca flaccida X #1578 Yucca filamentosa, 1 flower pollinated = 0 fruits, (1 aborted)

More details of the Yucca hybrids made in 2003.

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