Yucca recurvifolia 'Gold Ribbons' (BMJ # 2049)


Photo from August 29th. 2009.
Copyright ©2009 Benny M. Jensen

Where did I get the plant from:
I did get it in the early summer of 2008, from a friend in Germany.

Short description:
Plant: caulescent Leaves: green with a very bright yellow center, they have a short somewhat sharp spine at the tip of the leaves,. Inflorescence: Unknown. Flowers:  Unknown.

Where do I grow the plant:
The first plant were planted in the spring 2009 in a raised well drained bed, which is protected against winter moisture from mid October to early April. The rest of my plants are grown in pots, which is in the unheated greenhouse.

The first two years outside (2008-2010) has went well. It seems to get rust fungus in beginning of the fall, but this could be because my plants still have quite juvenile leaves.


Hybrids which have genes from Yucca 'Color Guard:

All are Copyright ©2009 Benny M. Jensen & Elena Y. G. Jensen
Photo from August 13th. 2009. Photo from August 13th. 2009. Photo from August 13th. 2009. Photo from August 29th. 2009.
Photo from August 13th. 2009. Photo from June 10th. 2010. Photo from July 7th. 2010.


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