Yucca recurvifolia "marginata" (BMJ # 1760)


Photo from July 23rd. 2006.
Copyright ©2006 Benny M. Jensen

Where did I get the plant from:
I did get the first cutting in 2000, from a friend P.C.O. Nørgaard, and when he passed away in 2003, I inherited his Yucca collection, including a large plant of this form (the plant on the photo above).

Short description:
Plant: caulescent Leaves: light green with a pale yellow edge, they have a short somewhat sharp spine at the tip of the leaves,. Inflorescence: Like normal green Yucca recurvifolia Flowers:  Like normal green Yucca recurvifolia.

Where do I grow the plant:
The first plant were planted in the spring 2008, in a well drained bed up against a south facing wall. The rest of my plants including the large "mother" are grown in pots which is in the unheated greenhouse during the winter.

Unknown at the time of writing fall 2009. I easy get Yucca leaf fungus in beginning of the spring, but if grown close to a house this gives it some protection to the fungus attack.

When grown in pots you need to water daily, as the plant quickly dry out the soil.

Hybrids which have genes from Yucca recurvifolia "marginata":

All are Copyright ©1998-2009 Benny M. Jensen & Elena Y. G. Jensen
Photo from July 23rd. 2006.
After flowering earlier this year.
Photo from August 2nd. 2007. One year later, two big rosettes are grown up. Photo from August 2nd. 2007.  One year later, two big rosettes are grown up. Photo from September 13th. 2009. It is Yucca recurvifolia "marginata" to the left, the two others are normal green forms.


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