Yucca pallida X Yucca constricta?

Yucca pallida X Yucca constricta?
Yucca pallida X Yucca constricta?
Photo by Bobby Crabb, Texas ©2001.

The two green ones in the middle and left are the hybrids, they are surrounded by Yucca pallida. Within about 200 meter (60 feet) there were growing numerous Yucca constricta. So it's very possible that this is a suspected hybrid of Yucca constricta X Yucca pallida? The plants was found by Bobby Crabb, Texas, at the roadside in San Saba county, Texas. There were no other Yuccas anywhere nearby. The hybrid plants look somewhat intermediate between the two. Leaves more narrow than Yucca constricta with smooth edges but no filaments (Yucca constricta has leaves with smooth edges but has lots of filaments, Yucca pallida has serrated leaf edges (rough with small teeth) and no filaments.) The color of the leaves is green rather than bluish like pallida. The shape of the leaves is very much like Yucca reverchoni (San Angelo Yucca) which grows further west (this one does also have serrated leaves!).

Thanks to Bobby Crabb, for the pictures and for the interesting information on this hybrid.

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