Yucca arkansana ssp.  freemanii

Freeman's Yucca

Yucca arkansana ssp.  freemanii HOCHSTAETTER, F.
Yucca In the Southwest and Midwest of the USA and Canada, vol. 1: 61 (2000)

Yucca freemanii SHINNERS Field & Laboratory  19 (4): 168-170 (1951),
Yucca coahuilensis Matuda & Pina-Lujan, Las Plantas Mexicanas del Genero Yucca 120 (1980)

Type location:
2.5 miles southwest of Redwater, in sandy-clay soil, Bowie Co. Texas, H.A. Freeman, July 6, 1950 (in Herb. Southern Methodist University)

Bowie Co., Texas, Redwater Texas/Arkansas border Type 5o m., Paris, Texas. is also cited from several localities in Louisiana.

Short description of the species:
Acaulescent, one or several rosettes of leaves. Leaves 15 to 60 cm long 10 to 40 mm wide, dark green flexible (a lot like Yucca flaccida! but not bending as much) with few fibers along the edge. Inflorescens glabrous panicle 100 to 180 cm, Scape 40 to 60 cm long starting well above the leaves, with branches 4 to 20 cm long. Style 6 to 7 mm long. Capsule more or less oblong and somewhat constricted. Seeds 5 x 8 mm.

seeds of #1350 Yucca arkansana ssp. freemanii, Arkansas Redwater TX./Ark border type location 50 m  fh 1180.73 seeds sown 2000 (did not germinate, probably because of the cold summer!)

I don't have any experience with this species so I don't know how hardy it is.


FERGUSON, D.J. email to hardycacti_etc, 15 Nov. 1999 (Re: Yucca stuff, catch-up)
HOCHSTAETTER, F., DOCUMENTATION OF NOMENCLATURE from his web page. (Yucca freemanii)
HOCHSTAETTER, F. Yucca In the Southwest and Midwest of the USA and Canada, vol. 1: 61 (2000) (Yucca arkansana ssp freemanii)
SHINNERS, Field & Laboratory  19 (4): 168-169 (1951), (Yucca freemanii)
HOCHSTAETTER, F seed catalog # 14, 1999. (Yucca arkansana freemanii)

Yucca freemanii could be a hybrid between the Yucca rupicola and Yucca arkansana (or another in the Yucca glauca complex), the result being a plant very similar to Yucca flaccida or perhaps Yucca filamentosa, but with narrower and perhaps longer leaves.

I don't have any pictures of Yucca arkansana ssp. freemanii yet, but if anyone has pictures that I may use please let me know I would be very happy to use them.

My Own Yucca arkansana:
(there are pictures of the plants with hypertext)

#1350 Yucca arkansana ssp. freemanii, Arkansas, Redwater Texas/arkansas border, type location 50 m., fh 118o.73, sown 2000 (did not germinate in 2000, probably because of the cold summer!)

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