Yucca baileyi

Yucca baileyi Wooton & Standley, Contr. U.S. Natl. Herb. 16:114-115, 1913.

Yucca navajoa Webber, Madroño 8:  105, t.10-12(1945)
Yucca baileyi var.  navajoa Webber, Agric.  Monogr.  U.S.D.A. 17:  51 (1953)
Yucca standleyi McKelvey, Yuccas SW U.S.  2:  108, t.37-43 (1947)
Yucca intermedia var.  ramosa McKelvey, Yuccas SW U.S.2:  120, pls.  44-46 (1947)
Yucca standleyi McKelvey 1947, in Yuccas of the southwestern United States, Part two 2:108 1947
Yucca navajoa Webber, Madroño 8: 105, 1945.
Yucca baileyi var. navajoa Webber, Agric. Monogr. U.S.D.A. 17:51, 1953.
Yucca glauca var. "bella", Desert Moon Nursery Catalog 1993. (Dwarf form of Yucca baileyi)

Clones and Hybrids:
Yucca 'Bella', Dwarf form of Yucca baileyi from New Mexico.

Unpublished names:
Yucca glauca var. baileyi Mesa Garden seed list.

Subspecies, varieties and forma:
Yucca baileyi ssp. intermedia

Type location:
West of Toadlena and Newcomb, Tunitcha Mts., San Juan Co., New Mexico.


From South Eastern Utah (San Juan Co. & Kane Co)., North Eastern Arizona, to Eastern New Mexico and in southern Colorado 1200 to 2400 m.

Short description of the species:
Plants acaulescent or sometimes forming a a short stem (rare!), single rosettes or in small groups of 3 to 15 rosettes. Leaves pale green to yellowish green, 25 - 60 cm long, very narrow 0,3 to 0,8 cm wide, stiff (sometimes flexible!), straight, plano-convex. Margin of the leaves white and often with many fine fibers. Inflorescens 30 to 150 cm tall, racemose. Scape starting between or above the leaves. Flowers campanulate (bell shaped) to somewhat globose (round), 5 to 6 cm long, greenish-white often with purplish tinge, flowers sometimes in singles but usually in two flowers together. Pistil  2,7 to 2,9 cm long, . Fruit 4 to 7 cm long, 2,7 to 5 cm thick, rarely constricted. Seeds black, dull, quite small 0,8 to 1 x 0,9 to 1,2 cm, with or without a wide marginal wing.

Not known, Yucca baileyi is probably quite hardy, but will probably need to be protected against winter moisture. If the plants that are cultivated in Hungary is true Yucca baileyi it may be very hardy. When my plants are older and have been tested outside will I report back on this page.

Below is are 2 pictures of cultivated plants in Hungary, note that the last has seed pods, very unusual in Europe!.

Photo by Andrew Treer, Budapest, ©1999-2005.

Photo by Andrew Treer, Budapest, ©1999-2005.

My own Yucca baileyi:
All my plants are grown in large pots that are inside the unheated greenhouse during the winter.
#746   Yucca baileyi, Tuba City , Mesa Garden #1985.85, sown 1997.
#1011 Yucca baileyi, Arizona, Peach Springs, Mesa Garden #1985.83, sown 1998.
                                 received as Yucca glauca var. baileyi, long thin leaves.
#1053 Yucca baileyi, Arizona, Round Rock, 1820 m. fh 1179.41, sown 2000.
#333   Yucca baileyi, Arizona, Apache Co., St. Johns, DJF160.27, received as  Yucca glauca var. baileyi, sown 1992.
#745   Yucca baileyi,, Arizona, Echo Cliffs, Mesa Garden #1985.84, received as  Yucca glauca var. baileyi, sown 1997.
#1052 Yucca baileyi, Colorado, Ute Mt., 1500 m, fh 1179.21, sown 2000.
#804   Yucca baileyi, Utah, Henrieville, sown 1997 Mesa Garden #1985.86,
                                Received as  Yucca glauca var. baileyi, nice hairy leafs
#1051 Yucca baileyi?, Wyoming, Laramie Co. 2000 m., fh 1178.9, sown 2000.
#778   Yucca baileyi?, Wyoming, Laramie Co. 2000 m,  fh 1178.9, sown 1997.
1492   Yucca baileyi, New Mexico, Santa Fe area, 2250 m, fh 1181.47, sown 2001.

Desert Moon Nursery, Catalog 1993 (Yucca 'Bella')
Desert Moon Nursery, Catalog 1994 (Yucca 'Bella')
HOCHSTAETTER, F., Navajo County Web page: Documentation of Nomenclature
HOCHSTAETTER, F., (2000), YUCCA (vol. I): 44-46 (Yucca baileyi)
MCKELVEY, Yuccas SW U.S.  2: 108, t.37-43 (1947) (Yucca standleyi)
MCKELVEY, Yuccas SW U.S. 2:  120, pls.  44-46 (1947) (Yucca intermedia var.  ramosa)
REVEAL, Intermountain Flora 6:  532-533, (1977) (Yucca baileyi var. intermedia)
WEBBER, Madroño 8:  105, t.10-12 1945 (1946) (Yucca navajoa)
WEBBER, Agric. Monogr. U.S.D.A. 17:51, (1953) (Yucca baileyi var. navajoa)
WOOTON & STANDLEY, Contrib. U. S. Nat. Herb. 16: 114-115 (1913) (Yucca baileyi)

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