Pictures of Caudex plants.

If it's not noted, the plants on the picture are my own.

Adenia repanda, May 2002. Adenium obesum. Brighamia insignis
Copenhagen botanical garden. 
The plants are only 1 to 2 years old!!!
Dorstenia gigas and Brighamia insignis
Copenhagen botanical garden
Coccinia sessiliflolia
plant planted in 1978.
Copenhagen botanical garden.
Corallocarpus mendesii Corallocarpus mendesii


Dioscorea sylvatica var. paniculata
Dioscorea sylvatica var. paniculata. sown 1991. Photo August 2002. Fockea edulis 15 years old. weighed 2,3 kg! Fockea edulis 15 years old, weighed 2,3 kg!
Gerradanthus aff. lobatus
Flower of Fockea edulis Fockea edulis 15 years old, October 2001. Gerrardanthus aff. lobatus
May 2002. bought from Mbuyo In Germany.
Momordica rostrata August 2002. 
grown in 10 cm pot. 
Petopentia natalensis
Copenhagen botanical garden. 


Stathmostelma praetermissum.
Tanzania Mbeya Prov. 
(SPECKS 1400)
Pia Larsen's plant
Trochomeria macrocarpa
Uncarina peltata cristata Uncarina roeoesliana Uncarina roeoesliana

Uncarina roeoesliana Xerosicyos pubescens, August 2002.
grown in a 23 cm pot.
The Cucurbits in the windows facing east, September 2002.

You should also visit the page with photos of Cucurbitaceae The text is Danish but I'm sure you will enjoy the pictures.

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