Yucca 'Golden Sword' (BMJ #817)

Where did I get the plant from:
I got it as a small plant from Landlyst plantecenter in 1997 (DKK 100,-).

Short description of the plant:
Plant: acaulescent with several large rosettes, forming short rhizomes. Leaves: dark green with a bright golden yellow variegated center, and in full sun they are a little red at the base of the leaves, with few thin fibers at the margin of the leaves. Inflorescence: pubescent, 130 cm high, paniculate with few branches starting above the leaves. Scape 60 cm starting from above the leaves. Flowers: pendulous (bell shaped), white, tinged with cream, 5 to 7,5 cm across. Fruit:
Seeds: the seeds of this form of Yucca will only grow into yellow-white seedlings which soon wither an die, while they do not have any chlorophyl.

Where do I grow the plant:
I have only tried it in the open garden for a few years, it grow it in a raised well drained bed, but I might try it in "normal" garden soil, when I have been able to propagate it more. The plant has only bloomed once which was in 1999. Most of my plants are grown in pots that are stored dry, in the unheated green house or in unheated frames which is protected against winter moisture.

I would not rate this variegated form of Yucca as 100% hardy, but if planted in a sheltered place it will do OK.

Other notes:
I'm not really sure which species Yucca 'Golden Sword' is? It's known with the names: Yucca filamentosa 'Golden Sword', Yucca flaccida 'Golden Sword', Yucca smalliana 'Golden Sword', Yucca flaccida var. smalliana 'Golden Sword' and Yucca filamentosa var. smalliana 'Golden Sword'. The name that I think is most correct may be Yucca filamentosa ssp. smalliana 'Golden Sword'!

Hybrids which have genes from Yucca 'Golden Sword'':

Yucca 'Golden Sword' x Yucca angustissima ssp. kanabensis. Made by Benny M. Jensen, Denmark, in 2008, BMJ # 2088. All seedlings died while they did not have any chlorophyl.
Yucca 'Golden Sword' x Yucca louisianensis, Made by Michael Bechtold in 2008. All seedlings died while they did not have any chlorophyl.
Yucca sp. [gloriosa forma robusta] "Hæstrupvej" x Yucca 'Golden Sword'. Made by Benny M. Jensen, Denmark, in 2008, BMJ # 2143, #2144.

Photo June 15th 1999 Close up of the tip of the flower bud, note all the pubescent hairs. Photo June 15th 1999. Later in the summer, July 26th 1999. The leaves of # 817 Yucca flaccida 'Golden Sword'
Leaves in cross-section Back left: # 817 Yucca 'Golden Sword'
Back right: # 818 Yucca 'Bright Edge'
Front left: # 339 Yucca pallida, from Mills Co., Texas.
Front right #343 Talinum sediforme.
Photo June 23rd 2006

The potted Yuccas are stored, in the unheated green house during the winters

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