Yucca faxoniana X glauca

F:2, grown from seeds, sown 1997, seeds from Mesa Garden, no: 1984.3.

This hybrid was found by David J. Ferguson, in a street median in the city of Albuquerque New Mexico. The "mother" plant was growing in a planting of Yucca glauca and Yucca faxoniana. The plants I have in my collection is grown from seeds of the original hybrid, so they are actually F:2 hybrids, which can be seen. When I was transplanting some of the 3 year old seedlings, I noticed that the leaves of some of the plants looked more "Yucca glauca like" and on others they looked more "Yucca faxoniana like". but it's not only above the ground the plants has this difference the roots are also different, on the plants with leaves that are "Yucca glauca like" the roots are also "Yucca glauca like" and the plants that has leaves that are "Yucca faxoniana like" has roots that are "Yucca faxoniana like", and the plants that looks like a mix of both parents has roots
like both too!

So far the plants has been quite hardy. In 1999 I planted one of the "Yucca faxoniana like" in my protected bed, and it's OK, and I planted one of the "Yucca glauca like" in a unprotected bed, this plant is also OK

#733 Yucca faxoniana X glauca

Dave J. Ferguson has in a personal letter told me that the original "mother" plant is not anymore, since some one has bulldozed it.... It was growing in a street median planting in Albuquerque New Mexico where it did grow along with old plants of both Yucca glauca (or Yucca elata without trunk!) and Yucca faxoniana.

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