Yucca flaccida [forma glaucescens](BMJ #1766)

Where did I get the plant from:
I got the plant in 2003 P. C. O. Nørgaard. Hi his garden the plant was huge with a spectacular inflorescens.

Short description of the plant:
Plant: acaulescent with several large rosettes, forming new rosettes from long rhizomes, the plant becomes quite big in just 10 years. Leaves: gray green, floppy, up to 80 cm long, 3,5 to 4 cm wide around the middle, with some thin fibers at the margin of the leaves. Inflorescence: pubescent, 150 to 200 cm high, paniculate with many long branches up to 20 cm long held in almost right angle!. Scape: 70 to 100 cm starting just between or slightly above the leaves. Flowers: pendulous (bell shaped), white, small 7-8 cm across. Fruit: slightly purplish dark green, rough surface, slightly constricted, variously and irregularly flattened in places, as if saved off with a knife. Seeds: not know at the time of writing!


Where do I grow the plant:
I grow it in many places in the garden, and even in part shade it will grow and bloom, but for more flowers it should be planted in a sonny position.


Other notes:

In the summer of 2008, I tried to pollinate the flowers with pollen from the following Yuccas:

I also used the pollen from this plant to pollinate the following:

More details of the Yucca hybrids made in 2008.

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