Yucca sp. (flaccida, filamentosa or hybrid?) (BMJ #1364)

I got this one from seeds that where collected at Jim Bennett's father's farm in Ohio.
I'm not sure which this species is, the seeds and seed pods looks like Yucca filamentosa, but the leaves and panicle looks a lot like Yucca flaccida. It may be a hybrid of some sort, but I will first know what it is, when my seedlings are mature and they finally bloom and if I am able to pollinate them so I can see the young  seed pods, but it will take some years as the seeds where sown in June 2000!

47 KB, picture of #136434 KB, picture of #1364
#1364 Yucca sp. (flaccida or filamentosa?) growing in a garden in Ohio.
Photo by Jim Bennett ©2000-2005

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