#1334 Yucca flaccida forma glaucescens?


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#1334 Yucca flaccida forma glaucescens.
Photo by Alan in Illinois ©1999.

36 KB, picture of #1334  
66 KB, picture of #1334      

Seed pod and seeds of #1334 Yuccaflaccida forma glaucescens.
Photo by Benny Moeller Jensen ©1999.

I got this one from seeds that where collected at my friend Alan's neighbors Yuccas in Ashland, Central Illinois. They are approx. 8' tall and the base leaves are approx. 24" long.
I did sow the seeds of this one in June 2000, so it will last at least 10 years before I have plants like the smallest of above from Ashland Illinois!

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The first plant bloomed in my garden in 2008, it was a potted plant, so teh inflorescense were short about 100 cm tall. The floweres is very small on this form, the petals are only about 3 cm in length.


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