# 500. Yucca sp. hybrid?

#500 Yucca sp. hybrid?
July 25th. 2003.
Photo by Benny Moeller Jensen Copyright © 2003-2005

Where did I get the plant from:
The plant was growing in the garden when I bought my house in 1990. The original plant was collected in the road side somewhere in Italy, by the former owner of my house.

Short description:
Plant acaulescent with several large rosettes, forming new rosettes from short rhizomes. Leaves: glaucous, bluish green, up to 80 cm long, up as wide as 5,5 cm around the middle, rather roughened surface and back in lines, with few thin and only slightly curled fibers at the margin of the leaves. Inflorescence: glabrous paniculate, 115 to 120 cm high, with many short branches up to 18 to 22 cm long, held in an upright angle. Scape: 70 to 85 cm starting in between the leaves.
Flowers: campanulate (bell shaped) with a rather short stigma. Fruit apple-green, has a smooth surface, 25-30 mm thick and 40-60 mm long, and has a rounded (convex) back. Seeds: not known at the time of writing.

Where do I grow the plant:
I grow it in many different places; in raised well drained beds, and in the garden in "normal" garden soil.

It's the hardiest Yucca that I grow, it never show any damage after any winter!

This form is not a Yucca filamentosa while it doesn't have as stiff leaves as Yucca filamentosa and it doesn't have the thick curly fibers either. It do have a glabrous inflorescence (smooth flowers stalk without fine hairs) quite like Yucca filamentosa, but the inflorescence, which is quite short, up to approximately 120 cm, starts below the leaves, (Yucca filamentosa has a tall inflorescence which starts high above the flowers!), it has short branches as Yucca filamentosa.
It is most likely a hybrid of some sort maybe a Yucca filamentosa X Yucca flaccida or X ? Maybe it's one of Carl Sprenger's many hybrids?

Other notes:

In July 2003 I did cross pollinate the plant with two different Yuccas in my garden:

#500 Yucca sp. Hybrid? X #1461 Yucca glauca, 13 flowers pollinated = 9 fruits (4 aborted)
#500 Yucca sp. Hybrid? X #332 Yucca filamentosa, 3 flowers pollinated = 2 fruits  (1 aborted)

I also use the pollen to pollinated it with:

#1461 Yucca glauca X #500 Yucca sp. Hybrid?, 3 flowers pollinated = 0 fruit  (3 aborted)


It will be very interesting to see the outcome of the new hybrids, but I do not expect flowers in the new hybrid until 2010 at the earliest!

More details of the Yucca hybrids made in 2003.


Tip of the smooth inflorescence of #500 Yucca sp. hybrid?
Photo by Benny Moeller Jensen Copyright © 1999-2005

#500 Yucca sp. hybrid?
This clump of Yucca sp. hybrid? is the original plant that was in the garden when I bought the house.
July 25th. 2003.
Photo by Benny Moeller Jensen Copyright © 2003-2005

This clump of #500 Yucca sp. hybrid was started with a few short rhizomes that I forgot on the ground, now a few years later it's a big blooming plant!
July 25th. 2003.
Photo by Benny Moeller Jensen Copyright © 2003-2005

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